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Nazwa Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Captain Jones Captain Jones 825 800 1,03 [Statystyki loota]
Carniphila Carniphila 150 255 0,59 Carniphila Seeds, Carrot On A Stick, Corncob, Dark Mushroom, Gold Coin, Seeds, Shadow Herb, Sling Herb - [Statystyki loota]
Carrion Worm Carrion Worm 70 145 0,48 Carrion Worm Fang, Coal, Gold Coin, Meat, Sword, Worm - [Statystyki loota]
Cat Cat 0 20 0 Potwór jest zawsze pusty
Cave Rat Cave Rat 10 30 0,33 Cheese, Cookie, Gold Coin, Worm - [Statystyki loota]
Centipede Centipede 30 70 0,43 Centipede Leg, Gold Coin - [Statystyki loota]
Chakoya Toolshaper Chakoya Toolshaper 40 80 0,5 Bone Shield, Fish, Gold Coin, Ice Cube, Mace - [Statystyki loota]
Chakoya Tribewarden Chakoya Tribewarden 40 68 0,59 Bone Shield, Fish, Gold Coin, Short Sword - [Statystyki loota]
Chakoya Windcaller Chakoya Windcaller 48 84 0,57 Bone Shield, Brass Helmet, Fish, Gold Coin, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout - [Statystyki loota]
Charged Energy Elemental Charged Energy Elemental 450 500 0,9 Energy Soil, Flash Arrow, Gold Coin - [Statystyki loota]
Chicken Chicken 0 15 0 Chicken Feather, Worm - [Statystyki loota]
Chizzoron The Distorter Chizzoron The Distorter ? Dragon Scale Mail, Gold Coin, Gold Ingot, Great Health Potion, Lizard Scale - [Statystyki loota]
Choking Fear Choking Fear 4700 5800 0,81 [Statystyki loota]
Cliff Strider Cliff Strider 5700 9400 0,61 Black Pearl, Blue Crystal Shard, Blue Crystal Splinter, Blue Gem, Cliff Strider Claw, Crystal Crossbow, Crystal Of Balance, Cyan Crystal Fragment, Glacial Rod, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Iron Ore, Platinum Coin, Prismatic Bolt, Pulverized Ore, Sapphire Hammer, Shiny Stone, Soul Orb, Ultimate Health Potion, Vein Of Ore, White Pearl - [Statystyki loota]
Cobra Cobra 30 65 0,46 Cobra Tongue - [Statystyki loota]
Cockroach Cockroach 0 1 0 [Statystyki loota]
Colerian The Barbarian Colerian The Barbarian 90 265 0,34 Potwór jest zawsze pusty
Coral Frog Coral Frog 20 60 0,33 [Statystyki loota]
Countess Sorrow Countess Sorrow 5150 8800 0,59 [Statystyki loota]
Crab Crab 30 55 0,55 Crab Pincers, Fish, Gold Coin - [Statystyki loota]
Crawler Crawler 1000 1450 0,69 Compound Eye, Crawler Head Plating, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Platinum Coin, Small Topaz, Springsprout Rod, War Hammer, Yellow Gem - [Statystyki loota]
Crazed Beggar Crazed Beggar 35 100 0,35 Dirty Cape, Gold Coin, Meat, Red Rose, Roll, Rolling Pin, Rusty Armor, Small Blue Pillow, Wooden Hammer, Wooden Spoon - [Statystyki loota]
Crimson Frog Crimson Frog 20 60 0,33 Gold Coin - [Statystyki loota]
Crocodile Crocodile 40 105 0,38 Crocodile Boots, Gold Coin, Ham, Meat, Piece Of Crocodile Leather - [Statystyki loota]
crustaceae giganticae Crustaceae Giganticae 1800 1600 1,13 [Statystyki loota]
Crypt Shambler Crypt Shambler 195 330 0,59 Bone, Bone Shield, Bone Sword, Gold Coin, Half-digested Piece Of Meat, Iron Helmet, Rotten Meat, Small Diamond, Throwing Star, Two Handed Sword, Worm - [Statystyki loota]
Crystal Spider Crystal Spider 900 1250 0,72 Brass Legs, Bunch Of Winterberries, Crystal Sword, Fireworks Rocket, Glacier Mask, Gold Coin, Ice Cube, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Plate Armor, Platinum Amulet, Sapphire Hammer, Shard, Sniper Arrow, Snowball, Spider Silk, Steel Helmet, Strong Mana Potion, Time Ring - [Statystyki loota]
Crystalcrusher Crystalcrusher 500 570 0,88 Blue Crystal Splinter, Brown Crystal Splinter, Crystalline Arrow, Crystalline Spikes, Gold Coin, Green Crystal Splinter - [Statystyki loota]
Cublarc The Plunderer Cublarc The Plunderer 400 400 1 Gold Coin - [Statystyki loota]
Cursed Gladiator Cursed Gladiator 215 435 0,49 Potwór jest zawsze pusty
Cyclops Cyclops 150 260 0,58 Battle Shield, Club Ring, Cyclops Toe, Dark Helmet, Gold Coin, Halberd, Meat, Plate Shield, Short Sword - [Statystyki loota]
Cyclops Drone Cyclops Drone 200 325 0,62 Battle Shield, Club Ring, Cyclops Toe, Cyclops Trophy, Dark Helmet, Gold Coin, Halberd, Meat, Plate Shield, Short Sword, Strong Health Potion - [Statystyki loota]
Cyclops Smith Cyclops Smith 225 435 0,52 Battle Axe, Battle Hammer, Battle Shield, Club Ring, Cyclops Toe, Dark Helmet, Double Axe, Gold Coin, Heavy Machete, Meat, Plate Shield, Spiked Squelcher, Strong Health Potion - [Statystyki loota]